Introducing DNAPassport from HumanCode

A new app to Explore Your (genetic) Universe

Nov. 24, 2017 — Denver

HumanCode, a Denver-based personal genomics company, announced the launch of DNAPassport, an iPhone app which uses DNA to offer new insights into what makes us who we are. The app was developed in collaboration with Helix, a personal genomics company, that recently launched the first online marketplace for DNA-powered products.

DNAPassport is available for a limited time at $29.99 on Users can explore their ancestry, peruse 35 plus traits across appearance, personality, wellness, and nutrition — and share and compare with friends and family. The product includes the app, an at-home saliva collection kit, and the sequencing service. Customers provide the sample and send it in for processing at Helix’s CLIA- and CAP-accredited next-generation sequencing lab. Results are securely delivered back to the user through the DNAPassport iPhone app.

HumanCode’s expertise in building mobile apps, with a premium on user experience, building on a state-of-the-art trait prediction system, enabled them to create and deliver a second app only weeks after their inaugural launch of BABYGlimpse. This speaks to the company’s focus on quick execution, agility, and foresight.

“DNAPassport is an easy and fun introduction into the world of personal genomics” said Chris Glode, CEO of HumanCode. “We received many positive reviews from early BABYGlimpse customers on our ability to translate DNA concepts into a great mobile experience. This energized us to expand our offerings and develop an entry-level personal genomics app for individual discovery.”

DNAPassport represents an engaging new way for people to join the Helix ecosystem. Existing Helix customers can access DNAPassport instantaneously. For new customers it provides an opportunity to get sequenced and access a constellation of experiences via the Helix store, across Entertainment, Family, Fitness, Ancestry and more.

“HumanCode’s vision for personal genomics experiences that are both accessible and interesting is very aligned with our mission to empower people with DNA information,” said Justin Kao, co-founder and SVP of Helix. “DNAPassport is built on that foundation — science and computational strongholds, years of consumer app expertise and a successful first product. This is an experience that has broad appeal for anyone ready to be acquainted with their genetics.”

About HumanCode

HumanCode develops next-generation personal genomics applications. It’s first app, BABYGlimpse, gives parents a preview into the genetic possibilities of their future children. It’s latest app, DNAPassport, is a personal genomics explorer designed for iPhone. The privately held company, founded by veterans of Under Armour, MapMyFitness, and Affymetrix, is based in Denver, CO.